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Telecommunications services for business and carrrier segment in Poland

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2023-2028

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Telecommunications services for business and carrrier segment in Poland

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2023-2028

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: Telecom services for B2B and wholesale segment
Country: Poland

The report presents a detailed analysis of the Polish market of telecommunications services for businesses and carriers. The structure of the report has been divided into fixed-line and mobile telephony services. A separate part is the analysis of the leased lines and data transmission market and the market of interconnection and wholesale services. The report is divided into analytical and research sections, the latter containing the results of PMR's proprietary study into telecommunications services in the B2B segment.

It provides information on trends, regulatory changes, and development forecasts for the market and its key segments over the next few years (2023-2028). The report also presents a map of market players with an emphasis placed on the offering for business and carrier services. In addition, it covers the financial and operating results of the largest providers of fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony, leased lines, internet access and data transmission services to business customers, other telecom operators and internet providers in Poland.

The report (.pdf file) features key data and trends along with the main factors influencing the market of telecommunications services for the B2B and carrier segment. The data set contains an .xls file, which is an integral part of the report (100% data convergence – the same data and forecasts, more extensive indicator series and compatible layout).


What is the content of the report?

  • Values of the market and its individual segments together with proprietary development forecasts for 2023-2028 – figures always accompanied by expert commentary.
  • The main components and subcomponents include data not only on the number of subscribers or revenues, but also more detailed structures covering, for example:
    • VoIP services market for the B2B segment
    • market of internet access services, by size of enterprises (micro-, small, medium-sized and large companies)
    • retail and wholesale line rental services
    • transit services, domestic roaming and settlements with MVNOs.
  • Mobile telephony services for business, including KPIs for the number of SIM cards currently used by businesses, broken down into those used for mobile data and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.
  • Fixed-line telephony services for companies, among others, number of fixed telephony lines and services, market structure broken down by players, data on the VoIP market.
  • DLISP services, including the structure of the DLISP market and data for the ISP market, the number of subscribers to ISP services in the B2B segment, the value of the ISP market, ARPU from internet access services in companies, economic situation and key trends in the data transmission market.
  • Operator services, e.g. the value of the wholesale market in mobile and fixed-line telephony.
  • Profiles of companies providing telecommunications services to businesses and carriers in Poland, including key financial and operating indicators.
  • PMR data on the number of enterprises operating in Poland, broken down into micro- (0-9), small (10-49), medium-sized (50-249) and large (250+) companies, based on ZUS data on entities paying social insurance contributions.
  • Results of PMR proprietary research into telecommunication services for the B2B segment – the demand side.

Why to buy the report?

  • The report analyzes the market in terms of volume and value, using the bottom-up method (values are the sum of defined, narrower structures, which gives a clear picture of the whole).
  • The report presents detailed forecasts by market segment, in the short, medium and long term.
  • Modelling using quantitative methods and advanced statistical analysis tools has allowed PMR experts to translate their knowledge into precise data and KPIs.
  • In addition to historical series and factors directly related to the telecoms market, PMR's extensive experience in macroeconomic analysis was used.
  • Realistic assessment of the number of companies operating in the country, broken down by employment size.

Who benefits from the analysis?

Executives, decision-makers from marketing and sales departments, representing:

  • companies operating on the telecommunications market in Poland or interested in entering the market
  • telecommunications operators, irrespective of specialization and business segment
  • cable TV networks and ISP
  • banks, insurers and power sector companies
  • suppliers of telecommunications and network equipment
  • domestic financial institutions (banks, brokerage houses, investment funds)
  • Foreign financial institutions with an international reach.
Table of Contents
  • Enterprises active on the Polish market
  • Value of the market of telecommunication services in the business and carrier segment

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: Telecom services for B2B and wholesale segment
Country: Poland

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