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Sustainable construction in Poland

Crucial trends and development forecasts

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Sustainable construction in Poland

Crucial trends and development forecasts

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Sector: Construction
Country: Poland

Sustainable construction is no longer an idea but translates into actual business decisions. The scale of the challenges faced by construction market players is enormous. Companies aware of the changes and planning long term ahead must take into account the tenets of sustainable construction. What remains unknown, however, is the speed of its expansion in the market and the main areas where the changes will be fastest and most intense. A survey of the companies in the market should provide answers to some key questions that will allow organisations to better plan the pace and way of adaptation to the new developments. 

Our report is an attempt at discussing this topic: it reviews the available information and provides opinions of professionals (the interviews with them are anonymous and do not feature a marketing message). The publication is the outcome of our work which aimed at finding out the viewpoint of construction market players on the topic of sustainable construction. 

The report is based on a quantitative survey covering: 

  • 100 architects/design studios, 
  • 100 manufacturers of building materials, 
  • 100 contractors, 
  • 100 investors/developers. 

Some issues were further explored during around a dozen qualitative interviews with representatives of the above groups. In addition to presenting the findings of our survey, the report also discusses in detail the analysed environment that has an impact on the market development prospects


What is the content of the report?

  • sustainable construction – the concept and definitions, 
  • overview of the environment
  • declarations versus reality – awareness and implementation of sustainable construction principles by the market participants, 
  • pace of change – evolution or rather revolution, 
  • areas that will develop fastest,
  • building materials best suited to sustainable construction, 
  • price sensitivity – insofar as solutions that support the tenets of sustainable construction may be more expensive than the standard ones, 
  • key barriers to the growth of sustainable construction, 
  • key growth drivers for sustainable construction, 
  • leaders of change, selected examples of implemented solutions.

Why to buy the report?

  • the report updates and organises information on sustainable construction, 
  • it gives a realistic picture of the market players' awareness of sustainable construction, 
  • it will make it possible to assess the development prospects for sustainable construction in Poland, 
  • it identifies key factors having impact on the development of sustainable construction, 
  • it will help reduce investment risks, e.g. when introducing new products and solutions or in business development. 

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: Construction
Country: Poland

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