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Molecular diagnostics market in Poland

Market analysis and development prospects

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Molecular diagnostics market in Poland

Market analysis and development prospects

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: In vitro diagnostics
Country: Poland

PMR's report discusses in detail the current situation in the molecular diagnostics market in Poland and its development prospects along with the most attractive areas. The publication is an in-depth analysis of various technologies used in molecular diagnostics and of their potential application in medicine. The report also provides information on the competitive environment and key customers in this market.

The set includes an Excel spreadsheet with the most important data from the report, allowing an analysis/aggregation of the data, and the executive summary of the report as a PowerPoint presentation containing charts and graphics. 


What is the content of the report?

  • size of the market in terms of value of ordered reagents and analysers for molecular diagnostics in Poland,
  • development prospects for molecular diagnostics and the most attractive areas in this field,
  • most important factors that will affect the market,
  • market breakdown by application (medical fields) and technology,
  • market shares of major players (competitive environment),
  • biggest customers in the market.

Why to buy the report?

  • This proprietary market analysis will help in developing a business development strategy in the molecular diagnostics market.
  • Available technologies and applications are analysed in detail.
  • This publication is an indispensable tool for tracking new market trends and assessing their impact on the business current and future financial performance.
  • An analysis of the competitive environment will make it possible to assess the chances of investing in a new segment.
  • The report also identifies potential niches, segments with a high chance of success for investment, as well as areas that are already saturated.
  • Analysing the activities of the largest companies and their impact will allow comparison to the competition and the selection of the most effective development path.

Who benefits from the analysis?

Executives and management, marketing, sales and finance directors, representing:

  • manufacturers and distributors of reagents and analysers used in molecular diagnostics,
  • companies producing other laboratory reagents, planning to enter a new segment,
  • chains performing diagnostic tests and planning to enter the molecular diagnostics sector,
  • operators of private healthcare facilities in Poland,
  • companies and institutions researching on new developments in the field of molecular biology/genetics,
  • companies offering private health insurance,
  • companies looking for investment opportunities or interested in business acquisitions, e.g. private equity funds,
  • companies specialising in the provision of research, consulting and analytical services,
  • chambers of commerce and industry organisations.

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: In vitro diagnostics
Country: Poland

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