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Industry Report

Data on food categories consumption in Poland

Key indicators and forecasts for 2017-2022

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Data on food categories consumption in Poland

Key indicators and forecasts for 2017-2022

Infographic Brochure Index and sample pages
Other versions: Polish
Sector: Grocery
Country: Poland

This unique report is an expert interpretation of the indicators and market situation in individual product categories and represents an excellent analytical tool for strategic planning and risk assessment. 

The report is based on official data from the Central Statistical Office (the largest survey of households in Poland, sample size - over 37,000 households).


Bread and cereal products                    

  • bread     


  • raw meat (fresh, frozen)       
      • beef (fresh, chilled, frozen)
      • pork (fresh, chilled, frozen)
      • chicken (fresh, chilled, frozen)
      • other poultry (fresh, chilled, frozen)
      • mixed minced meat
  • processed meat and other meat preparations   
      • poultry processed meat
      • processed meat other than poultry


  • fresh and frozen fish (fresh-water and saltwater)              
  • fish and seafood (dried, smoked, salted)            

Cheese and curd                    

  • curd       
  • ripening and melted cheese 

Oil and other fats                  

  • animal fat              
      • animal fat other than butter
  • vegetable fat         
      • fruit oil
      • olive oil


  • fruit (fresh, frozen)               
      • citrus fruit (fresh, chilled)
      • bananas (fresh, chilled)
      • apples (fresh, chilled)
      • stone fruit (fresh, chilled), e.g. plums
      • berries (fresh, chilled)
      • other (fresh, chilled), e.g. pears
  • dried, frozen fruit, nuts, processed fruit             
      • dried fruit and nuts
      • processed fruit

Vegetables and mushrooms                 

  • vegetables and mushrooms (fresh, chilled)        
      • cabbage (fresh, chilled)
      • cauliflower family (fresh, chilled)
      • tomato (fresh, chilled)
      • cucumber (fresh, chilled)
      • beetroot (fresh, chilled)
      • carrot (fresh, chilled)
      • onion (fresh, chilled)
  • frozen vegetables and mushrooms      
  • sauerkraut             
  • vegetable and mushroom preserves   
  • potatoes
  • potato products     
  • dried vegetable and other vegetable preserves  

Non-alcoholic beverages                              

         Fruit and vegetable juices            

      • fruit juices
      • vegetable and fruit and vegetable juices


Categories on request:

Bread and cereals                 

  • rice                                                             
  • pasta and pasta products                                       
    • flour                                                          
      • wheat flour
      • other flours
  • breakfast cereals   
  • other bakery products          


  • fresh whole milk   
  • fresh low-fat milk  




Oil and other fats                  

  • animal fat               
      • butter
  • vegetable fat                          
      • other edible oils 

Sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectionery                

  • sugar     
  • jam, fruit preserves              
  • chocolate               
  • ice cream              
  • confectionery        
  • Coffee, tea, cocoa                 
  • coffee    
  • tea         
  • cocoa     

Non-alcoholic beverages                      

Mineral and spring water     

  • non-alcoholic beverages not elsewhere classified             

Alcoholic beverages                              

  • spirits and liqueurs               
  • beverages of low alcoholic strength, grape wine, wine made of other fruit, fortified wine, wine-based drin
  • lager, other alcoholic beer, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beer, beer drinks   


  • cigarettes              

What is the content of the report?

  • Unique forecasts for consumption and spending, per capita and for the entire product group, until 2023 *
  • Data on consumption and spending in the selected product group
  • Aggregate CPI forecasts for the given product category until 2023 **
  • Risk factor analysis for the forecasts
  • Analysis of the key macroeconomic data influencing the retail and grocery markets
  • Expert interpretation of the indicators and market situation in the selected product category

* The term product category refers to product classes profiled in presentations, such as poultry or cold cuts etc.

** The term major category refers to the most general categories, such as meat, breads and cereals, fish, cheese and cottage cheese, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, oils and other fats, or non-alcoholic drinks.


Why to buy the report?

  • Unique forecasts for all indicators, based on advanced econometric methods
  • The data supports analysis of how consumption volumes and spending by households change
  • The report facilitates comparison of data for various food categories and groups
  • Discussion of the future demographic trends, consumption trends and legislative changes which may affect the trend of sales categories
  • Interpretation of indicators and analysis of risk factors for the forecast made by experts and econometricians PMR

Who benefits from the analysis?

  • The analysis is a tool supporting managers and experts in sales, production, strategic management and development of such companies and organisations as:
    • food producers and co-operatives
    • processors and distributors operating on the grocery or catering market
    • grocery chains and wholesalers
    • banks, brokerage houses, investment funds and consultancies
    • logistics companies and companies cooperating with food producers, e.g. packaging manufacturers
    • associations, chambers, embassies
Table of Contents
  • Definition of product group
  • Definition of indicators
Graphs and Tables
  • Selected macroeconomic indicators: data and forecast for 2013-2022
  • Value of retail sales (PLN bn) and its change (%, yoy) in Poland, 2018-2023

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: Grocery
Country: Poland

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