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Industry Report

OTC market in Central Europe

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2018-2023

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OTC market in Central Europe

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2018-2023

Infographic Brochure Index and sample pages
Other versions: Polish
Sector: OTC
Country: Central Europe

The report allows readers to compare the value, recent and current sales totals and forecasts for development in the markets for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and dietary supplements in Central European countries, including Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

It also provides analysis of the influence of important trends and events on sales of OTC products, now and in the future.


What is the content of the report?

  • Wide geographical coverage of the Central European region, including Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • Harmonised data enabling the comparative analysis of OTC market in the aforementioned countries using statistical data, indicators, conditions, regulations and future prospects 
  • Comprehensive analysis of the whole OTC market, its key segments and product categories
  • Indices representing a wide variety of recent and current market elements, such as value, growth, structure, sales, as well as growth predictions for 2018 to 2023
  • OTC market analysis by distribution channel and by therapeutic categories
  • Bestselling over-the-counter medications and supplements 
  • Manufacturing companies active on the Central European OTC markets 
  • Distribution channels used on the market, including pharmacy, non-pharmacy and online sales
  • Comparison of OTC market shares of the overarching pharmaceutical sectors in each country
  • Sector-focused effects of price changes, Rx-OTC and OTC-Rx changes, advertising rules, recent trends, market events, regulations governing the market, and legal changes.

Why to buy the report?

  • Uniform format of providing country-specific data enables companies to conduct a comparative analysis of Central European OTC markets
  • Reliable forecasts with explanations for market development through 2023 assists in budgeting and business planning
  • Thorough analysis of market trends and events, including experienced analysts’ assessments of influence of trends and events on market dynamics 
  • Expert analysis and explanations give a solid basis for creating and updating corporate strategy and sales programmes
  • A wide scope of data, analysis and reviews enables the regular monitoring of the market events, trends and legal changes
  • Data about distribution channels and profiles of key market players is useful while competitive environment analysis and/or distributor search.

Who benefits from the analysis?

This report meets the business information needs of strategy, development, sales and marketing managers and experts from companies such as:

  • Manufacturers of the OTC products and supplements conducting business in Central Europe or considering the market entry
  • Distributors of pharmaceuticals (pharmacies, non-pharmacy, e-commerce) active in Central Europe, especially in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • Retail and wholesale sellers specialised in OTC medications and dietary supplements
  • Marketing agencies, consulting companies and research institutes offering support on the Central European pharmaceutical markets
  • Finance and banking companies interested in the pharma market
  • Government agencies, embassy officials and educational bodies.
Table of Contents
  • Methodology
  • Comparative analysis CE Share of individual OTC markets Per capita OTC spending in CE countries Value of OTC market in CE countries between 2015 and 2023 Average CAGR for OTC markets in CE countries in 2016-2023 OTC categories Distribution channels Market players
Graphs and Tables
  • Share of individual OTC markets as a proportion of total OTC market in CE (%), 2017
  • Per capita spending on OTC products in CE countries (€), 2017

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: OTC
Country: Central Europe

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