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Housing investments in Poland. Ranking of attractiveness of 30 largest cities

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Housing investments in Poland. Ranking of attractiveness of 30 largest cities

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Sector: Construction
Country: Poland

The PMR ranking comprehensively analyses the 30 largest cities in Poland in terms of the appeal of the residential construction market. The Ranking was based on 100 unique indicators and was prepared in an attractive format, with a PTT presentation and an additional base in Excel. The current market situation has been assessed, along with future prospects.


What is the content of the report?

  • Detailed analysis of the situation in the 30 largest Polish cities
  • The ranking includes 100 indicators, including:
    • the situation on the residential property market
    • about the economy
    • the attractiveness of the city in terms of the quality of life
    • the demographic situation
    • development prospects and potential in terms of attraction
    • local community activity
    • safety level
    • accessibility in terms of communication
    • natural factors
  • Development prospects for the residential construction market in the next few years

Why to buy the report?

  • 30 cities in Poland analysed in detail
  • The analysis included almost 100 unique indicators in accordance with PMR methodology
  • The characteristics and weights were selected in terms of the investment attractiveness of cities for residential developers
  • The PMR ranking is a multidimensional comparative analysis
  • It assesses not only the current market situation but also future prospects
  • The ranking in question was prepared in a friendly and appealing format containing a PTT presentation and an additional base in Excel

Who benefits from the analysis?

Representatives of the board of directors and decision makers from marketing and sales departments, along with those responsible for the company’s development:

  • residential developers
  • financial institutions and banks
  • investment funds
  • marketing agencies which support the promotion of cities
Table of Contents
  • What is the "Housing investments in Poland. Ranking of attractiveness of 30 largest cities"?
  • Methodology
Other versions: Polish
Sector: Construction
Country: Poland

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