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PMR Retail Insight: Poland

12-month subscription

PMR Retail Insight: Poland

12-month subscription

Sector: Retail & FMCG
Country: Poland

Beside the latest statistics and market news, the PMR weekly focuses particularly on the impact of inflation and war in Ukraine on the retail and FMCG market. Subscribers to PMR Retail Insight receive a weekly summary of the current situation, comprehensive data and statistics from the market affected by the epidemic and revised development scenarios with expert commentary. This is a unique set of original studies not available anywhere else!


The informations are available through an interactive online platform, provided in the form of weekly updates sent by e-mail. It is possible to create pdf files with the latest news.

As part of paid subscription to PMR Market Insight, you also receive a monthly comprehensive overview of data and analyses with the most important market statistics. 

What is the content of PMR's Insight?

In the PMR weekly magazine you will find continuously updated information, including:

  • thorough analyses of the current situation and development prospects in Poland and abroad in connection with the inflation and war in Ukraine
  • revised forecasts and indicators that will affect the retail market in the coming months, based on data collected by PMR
  • articles describing strategic solutions and concepts used by industry leaders in response to the changes brought about by the epidemic
  • discussing current and future trends and key macroeconomic factors
  • articles showing the expected major events that may affect the retail industry.

And also:

  • comments and opinions of external and internal specialists on the current and future situation in the sector
  • detailed summaries of revised statistics and explanations of key industry indicators
  • analyses and studies by PMR experts offering a unique perspective on the industry - articles, comments, charts and tables discussing the most important market issues
  • news briefs include a variety of developments on topics such as legal issues affecting retail market performance, changes in retail space occupancy as well as new investments.
  • analyses of Merger and Acquisitions deals, as well as new entries and exits on Poland’s retail market
  • current coverage of top retailers and their activities:
    • market entry
    • financial results
    • strategic movements
    • bankruptcies
    • mergers and acquisitions
    • chain developments and expansion
  • articles dedicated to market leaders’ financial situation; analyses are accompanied by information on companies’ development plans and strategies.
  • regular evaluation of the retail market’s climate, consumer moods and private consumption.

What distinguishes PMR Insight?

  • The only cyclical monitoring of the market and its development potential with regard to changes related to the coronavirus epidemic in Poland, carried out by analysts with many years of experience who know the specifics of the analysed sector
  • The articles published in the PMR Insight week are proprietary materials, not available elsewhere.
  • Current access to all key statistics collected in one place, with an explanation
  • Access not only to historical data, but also to estimates for the coming year, based on the knowledge and experience of analysts
  • Presentation of the most important conclusions from primary research conducted by PMR for the purposes of retail reports.


Why is it worth buying the PMR Insight weekly magazine?

  • It is a set of reliable information prepared by a team of econometricians and market analysts concerning the real situation in the retail sector.
  • It presents the most probable scenarios of the situation in retail in Poland
  • It contains numerous comments and assessments by independent experts to facilitate decision-making
  • It enables monitoring of the main companies operating on the polish market
  • It is an invaluable tool for analysing new trend phenomena
  • Facilitates the identification of market segments with the highest growth potential and possible risks
  • Improves the development of new strategies and development plans
  • Allows you to track the actions of your competitors and compare the actions of your leaders.

Who benefits from the PMR's Insight?

  • Management and all persons in decision-making positions in companies and institutions directly or indirectly related to the retail sector
  • Persons engaged in market analysis and interested in monitoring the situation on the retail market in Poland

In segments:

  • Grocery
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Cosmetics
  • DIY, furniture and furnishings
  • Consumer electronics
  • HoReCa
  • E-commerce
  • Household chemicals
  • Children’s goods market
  • Sporting goods market
  • Private labels
  • Distribution channels.

And also:

  • retail companies
  • suppliers or producers of different categories of goods
  • companies providing services to retail businesses
  • law firms providing services to the retail sector
  • e-commerce software providers
  • state and local government bodies
  • financial institutions, banks and investors.

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Sector: Retail & FMCG
Country: Poland

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