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Cybersecurity market in Poland

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2023-2028

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Cybersecurity market in Poland

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2023-2028

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Sector: IT
Country: Poland

Strategic analysis of the Cybersecurity market in Poland, including unique data, market dynamics and value, and major segments, Market growth forecast 2023-2028, demand assessment by industry and company size. The figures are supplemented with extensive expert commentary, vendor profiles, trend analysis, and comparisons of the Polish market situation with the global trends. The market structure includes spending on cyber security - both the largest hardware segment, but also application solutions and services. Differences by solution type and individual sectors of the economy, large, medium and small enterprises are included.

The report includes two additional tools, namely the Executive Summary in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, and the Report Statistics Database (Excel file).


What is the content of the report?

  • Value and structure of the Polish cyber security market in 2010-2022, broken down by :
    • hardware and application solutions;
    • corporate network secutity (UTM, NGFW, firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN);
    • Endpoint protection, anti-virus and services (MSS, audit, consulting, outsourcing in the area of cyber security).
  • Ranking of popularity of particular types of solutions, producers and suppliers among Polish companies
  • Analysis of the level of threats and types of cyber attacks in Poland, including malware, ransomware, DDoS, APT
  • Cybersecurity budgets and spending, key trends and differences across industries (industries such as banking and finance, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications and media, logistics and transportation, utilities, public administration and local government), audience types (SMEs, large enterprises). Willingness to outsource.
  • A model for implementing cyber security products and services in the large and medium-sized business sector in Poland;
    • solutions on-premise
    • cloud-based solutions
  • A list of the largest cyber security solution providers in Poland by revenue.
  • Supplier profiles, including:
    • financial results,
    • solutions portfolio,
    • evaluation of market position.
  • Forecasts for the development of the cyber security market in Poland during 2022-2027
  • Demand estimates by industry and company size
  • Discussion of key trends - global and regional forecasts

Why to buy the report?

  • The figures were supplemented with extensive expert commentaries, supplier profiles, trend analysis and comparisons of the situation on the Polish market with global trends.
  • The only such information on the value and dynamics of change of the Polish IT security market.
  • Security issues are gaining more and more attention from IT solution providers as a result of increased end customer interest.
  • Identified major market trends in the software, hardware, and services categories of the IT security market.
  • Offer description and position analysis of selected suppliers and distributors.
  • Analyses cover
    • macroeconomic situation of the market
    • legal and regulatory changes
    • the degree of penetration and use of new technologies as well as the level of knowledge and attitude of companies themselves.
  • All data were revised for the impact of coronavirus on the market.

Who benefits from the analysis?

Executives, decision makers from marketing, sales and development departments, representing:

  • IT vendors, telecom operators and data centers operating or planning their activities on the cybersecurity market in Poland,
  • companies that distribute cybersecurity solutions,
  • foreign manufacturers of equipment and application solutions in the area of network security,
  • antivirus software manufacturers,
  • IT service providers, companies specializing in IT outsourcing, managed services, IT security solution providers,
  • companies engaged in maintenance and integration of IT systems,
  • companies offering cyber security training,
  • potential investors in the Polish cybersecurity market,
  • associations, institutions and trade organizations promoting the Polish IT sector,
  • the largest enterprises in the country, for which the issue of ensuring the security of their ICT resources is of strategic importance.
Table of Contents
  • Methodology
  • Executive summary

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: IT
Country: Poland

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