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Dentistry services market in Poland

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026

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Dentistry services market in Poland

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026

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Sector: Private healthcare
Country: Poland

The report is the answer to the question of how the dental industry is doing and its projected development until 2026. It includes a breakdown by public and private sector and the main segments:

  • prosthetics and implantology,
  • orthodontics,
  • restorative dentistry.

In addition to the current value of the dental services market, the latest trends and anticipated changes, it contains an analysis of the competitive environment, including: the largest chains and their revenues, the number of dental practices, and the demand for dental services. This is the most comprehensive position available on the Polish market. The publication also considers the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the dental services market, both in 2020 and 2021 and beyond.


What is the content of the report?

  • Key trends, forecasts and growth potential in dentistry and its main segments: orthodontics, prosthetics, restorative dentistry and implantology.
  • PMR's forecasts for the value of the private, public, orthodontics, prosthetics, restorative and implantology markets in two scenarios
  • Situation on the dental services market - PMR B2B study results
  • Profile of key market players - financial results and number of dental practices
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour and demand for dental services, according to PMR study
  • Planned changes and legal aspects and their impact on the development of dentistry
  • Epidemiological situation, medical tourism and their impact on the dental market

Why to buy the report?

  • Analyses the most attractive dental segments and risk factors for service delivery
  • Shows investment opportunities together with an analysis of the demand for and supply of dental services in Poland
  • Shows the consumer behaviour, expenditure of the clients of dental surgeries
  • Indicates the directions of stomatology development and the technologies and medical materials used
  • Presents the most important legal aspects and forthcoming changes on the dental services market

Who benefits from the analysis?

Management representatives and decision-makers from marketing, sales and business development representing:

  • private medical and dental care facilities,
  • Insurers with health products on offer,
  • private dental practices, chains,
  • distributors and manufacturers of medical materials and equipment,
  • financial institutions, private equity funds, banks and brokerage houses.
Table of Contents
  • Methodology
  • Executive summary
Graphs and Tables
  • Key independent variables used in econometric modelling for the dentistry services market in Poland, data and forecasts in the baseline scenario, 2019-2026
  • Key events and market trends and their impact on the dentistry market in Poland, 2020-2021

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: Private healthcare
Country: Poland

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