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Sports goods and sportswear market in Poland 2020

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025

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Sports goods and sportswear market in Poland 2020

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: Sports goods
Country: Poland

The PMR report is a comprehensive overview that reveals both opportunities and threats in the industry in view of the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, it offers 5-year growth forecasts for its segments and distribution channels. The report discusses the latest trends in sports goods retail in Poland, both on the supply and demand side. Drawing on proprietary B2C research, it shows the perspective of the customer. It also includes an analysis of the competitive environment, and market segmentation. It is a publication that keeps you abreast of market developments and helps you make informed business decisions.


What is the content of the report?

  • The value and growth rate of the sports goods market in Poland.
  • Main trends and other factors influencing the market’s development
  • Analysis of individual market segments: sports equipment, clothing, and footwear.
  • Forecasts of market development until 2025, including for particular distribution channels
  • Profiles of the key players on the sports goods market in Poland and analysis of the competitive environment.

Why to buy the report?

  • Contains financial data for the largest sports goods chains in Poland
  • Provides the latest news on the fast-growing Internet channel
  • Shows the development prospects of individual segments
  • Makes you aware of the perspective of the consumer who buys sports goods

Who benefits from the analysis?

Executive board members and marketing, sales, and finance directors of:

  • Multiple  stores offering sports equipment, clothing or footwear
  • General clothing and footwear chains which carry sports clothes/shoes
  • Online shops and platforms
  • Grocery chains offering, or considering offering, sports goods
  • Manufacturers and distributors of sports clothing, footwear and equipment
  • Manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements and functional foods for athletes
  • Suppliers of technical solutions for shops
  • Trade organisations
  • Banks, investors and financial institutions.
Table of Contents
  • Methodology
  • Managerial summary

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: Sports goods
Country: Poland

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