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Impact of coronavirus epidemic on grocery market in Poland 2020

Scenarios and growth forecasts

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Impact of coronavirus epidemic on grocery market in Poland 2020

Scenarios and growth forecasts

Infographic Brochure Index and sample pages
Other versions: Polish
Sector: Grocery
Country: Poland

This unique publication was prepared in response to the dynamic changes taking place on the grocery market in Poland in connection with the coronavirus epidemic (SARS-CoV-2). It presents detailed data, scenarios, and forecasts for the grocery market. It is the only such report in Poland!


What is the content of the report?

  • Detailed estimates of the development of the situation in Poland together with a forecast for 2020 – the state after the epidemic
  • Benchmarking – a counterfactual forecast for 2020 without the coronavirus, as a benchmark for the scale of change
  • The impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the total grocery market and individual distribution channels
  • 3 scenarios of market development and impact:
    • Limited and dispersed infections in Poland, preventive measures proving effective
    • Larger concentrations of cases, entire regions under lockdown
    • Big numbers of cases and deaths, with the epidemic spreading fast throughout the country
  • Comparison of the impact on individual distribution channels

Why to buy the report?

  • Shows the future shape of the grocery market after the changes resulting from the global coronavirus pandemic
  • Indicates the most vulnerable market areas
  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market situation and the scale of changes after the epidemic
  • Takes into account all possible scenarios
  • Contains several dozen forecast metrics
  • Answers questions that executives in grocery-related sectors are asking themselves in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

Who benefits from the analysis?

Executive board members and directors of marketing, sales, and finance at the following:

  • Large-area grocery stores
  • FMCG wholesalers
  • Food manufacturers
  • Private label manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of packaging
  • Companies interested in entering the grocery market
  • Companies that want to know the profile of the Polish consumer (research and consulting companies, advertising agencies).
  • Chains of restaurants, bars, cafés
  • Hotel chains
  • Catering companies
  • Companies offering meal-kit services
  • Suppliers of products for restaurants, hotels - wholesalers, cash & carry chains
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Impact of the coronavirus on the economy
Other versions: Polish
Sector: Grocery
Country: Poland

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