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Gaming market in Poland 2021

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026

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Gaming market in Poland 2021

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026

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Sector: Software
Country: Poland

The report presents a detailed analysis of the gaming industry in Poland. In terms of value, various dimensions of the market are presented - from the side of Polish gamers' spending on games, as the value of revenues generated by game producers in Poland, and the value/capitalisation of the Polish GameDev operating globally. The publication includes an analysis of the publishing and distribution segment and the e-sports industry in Poland. All observations have been built taking into account global trends, legislative changes, and the impact of current events - the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report includes characteristics of the Polish games producers market. PMR experts created a map of the Polish gaming industry broken down into its various segments and including the main entities representing them. The report also presents revenues and profiles of the largest players operating in the market.


What is the content of the report?

  • Value analysis of the gaming industry in Poland, taking into account its various dimensions - figures together with analytical commentary. In parallel, the position of the Polish gaming market on the international arena and in Europe is discussed.
    • Value of the market measured by the level of expenditure on video games, together with the author's forecasts for market development.
    • Structure of Poles' budgets and spending on video games, broken down by game type (PC and console, as well as mobile/browser/social networking), also taking into account generational differences.
    • Value of expenditure on video games in the subscription model.
    • Value of the computer games market in Poland, measured by the revenues of gaming companies operating in Poland, including branches of international companies.
    • Value of the Polish video game market, measured by revenue and market capitalization at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
    • The size of the e-sports market in Poland. The main trends on the Polish e-sports market are presented. An assessment of the condition of e-sport in Poland and the prospects for the sector's development in the coming years, including a SWOT analysis.
  • The report discusses the main consumer trends in the video game market in Poland, broken down by:
    • Number of Polish gamers - the level of penetration of video games in Poland among the online community aged 15-55 is presented. A separate breakdown is given of the number of players playing mobile games, PC games and console games. The number of players who only pay for games has also been measured, including the number of players who subscribe to online access to games. In addition to current trends, the authors presented their own forecasts regarding the number of players in Poland.
    • Polish gaming habits - including frequency and motivations for playing video games on various platforms and the most popular game categories, sources of new games (including distribution models - physical, digital), most popular titles among Poles.
    • Poles' spending on video games - first of all the results of PMR's own survey were presented, showing Poles' propensity to purchase particular categories of video games and the level of spending on them. The data differentiates between frequency of purchase and age of respondents.
    • Business models for paying for video games - breakdown into premium and free-to-play models. The analysis answers the question of how Poles spend on games according to these models, taking into account the segmentation of games (PC, console, mobile, browser and social).
    • The condition of mobile games on the Polish gaming market - number of players vs. spending on mobile games.
    • The degree to which video game purchases are evolving toward a subscription model - presentation of current and future trends facing the market in this regard in the coming years. Megatrends were pointed out - analysis of Polish realities against the background of the pan-European situation.
    • Poles' tendencies to play mobile games and games on consoles against the background of common PC gaming - discussion of the degree of diversification of gaming platforms and determination of the potential of consoles in the Polish gaming market.
    • Cloud gaming technology - this report answers the question of whether the move to the cloud is right for the Polish gaming market, and if so, in what timeframe. It contains an analysis of the benefits of the cloud gaming trend, both from the perspective of a potential player and the providers of such services. The report also points to megatrends - an analysis of the Polish realities against the pan-European backdrop.
    • The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the activity and habits of Polish gamers.
  • Specification of the Polish Video Games Industry - a section devoted to the general characteristics of the Polish GameDev, which mainly includes information on the number of development studios, characteristics of the business models of game producers, and a list of best-selling Polish games on foreign markets. At this point, the report also answers the question about the development prospects for the Polish GameDev industry in the coming years, taking into consideration possible threats to the industry.
  • A breakdown of the revenue of the largest Polish games producers and profiles of the five largest gaming companies - CD Projekt, Techland, PlayWay, 11 bit studios, Ten Square Games.
  • Discussion of the trend of the gaming industry merging with other sectors of the economy, i.e. the analysis of opportunities for the so-called third parties to participate in revenues from the distribution of games, gaming events, etc. (telecoms, fashion industry, trade, e-sports, education and others).
  • Furthermore, the report presents trends related to the financing of gaming companies in Poland, with a focus on the forms of support provided by government organizations.

Why to buy the report?

  • Professional compendium on the gaming industry in Poland, presenting its various dimensions, also in terms of value.
  • Graphic map of the gaming industry showing its main segments along with the key players within each of them.
  • The value of the video game spending market in Poland, broken down by game categories, and detailed market development forecasts for 2021-2026.
  • Detailed analysis of value and trends in the Polish games manufacturers market
  • Discussed aspect of the global operations of Polish game producers - revenue breakdown by Polish market and foreign markets.
  • Summary of revenues of the 20 largest gaming companies in Poland
  • Key financial indicators of the main gaming companies in the Polish video game industry.
  • The report includes the author's research findings on consumer behaviour in the Polish games market - levels of budgets and spending on games by platform, trends towards mobile and console games and video game subscriptions, expectations and attitudes towards the cloud gaming trend.

Who benefits from the analysis?

Executives, marketing, sales and business development departments from the following entities:

  • Gaming companies planning to debut on WSE markets (Main Market and NewConnect)
  • Companies and non-commercial entities interested in sponsoring the gaming industry, including e-sports
  • Foreign games producers planning to open branches in Poland
  • Game developers aiming to diversify their business model
  • Gaming equipment manufacturers
  • Shops, retail and commercial chains selling games
  • Digital game distribution channels
  • Companies and foreign investors seeking to cooperate with entities operating in the Polish gaming industry  
  • Publishers and distributors of games, including international entities
  • Consulting, analytical and research companies
  • Universities, research institutes
  • National and foreign financial institutions (banks, brokerage houses, investment funds, insurers)
  • Telecommunications operators, providers of cloud solutions and data center services
  • Console hardware providers 
  • Digital/streaming platforms with games
Table of Contents
  • Methodology
  • Executive summary
Other versions: Polish
Sector: Software
Country: Poland

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