Construction Expertise

Construction Expertise

Construction Expertise

PMR clients benefit from a comprehensive view of the complex market landscape within the regional construction sector.

Our analysts conduct in-depth studies of the civil engineering, non-residential construction, residential construction and building materials segments in order to provide accurate information on market value and growth rate (historical and projected), the strategies of key players, major planned construction projects/investments and detailed analyses of each market segment. PMR analyses focus on the construction markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Construction Expertise

These markets continue to develop intensively and to attract a wide variety of major players – contractors, property developers, manufacturers of building materials, financial institutions, etc.— domestic and foreign alike. We assist key construction market players with the development, implementation and monitoring of successful market strategies tailored to meet their specific business needs.

In addition, we offer analyses of developed construction markets in Western Europe, including those in Germany and Scandinavia. PMR construction market analyses are prepared by award-winning professionals. Industry honors include the Laur Buildera award for excellence in professional advisory services and research in the construction market.

Non-Residential Construction

Get your insightful data on Non-Residential Construction - areas analyzed and PMR expert advice on:

  • Cultural buildings
  • Sport halls
  • Educational and research buildings
  • Healthcare buildings
  • Hotel buildings
  • Industrial and warehouse buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Retail and service buildings
  • Transport and communication buildings

Industrial buildings and warehouses (PLN, bn) in Poland, 2012-2016

Source: Polish Statistical Office

About this statistic:

Despite excellent data on building permits issued in 2015-16, construction output generated by industrial and warehouse projects dropped in 2016 (preliminary data) and the segment’s value amounted to PLN 9.3bn (€2.1bn). The uncertain geo-political situation in eastern markets is still a risk to both the current and future outlook. Despite holding valid permits, many investors refrained from commencing projects and monitor economic developments in the country. Forecasts till 2022 are available in PMR products. Please contact us at +48 12 340 51 30 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm CET.

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